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13 June 2024 One page Learning Adventures

Join us on our first learning adventure as we unpack and identify the underlying causes of service delivery problems. In this publication we look at waste removal and the reasons why litter and garbage pile up in informal settlements. From overflowing bins to missed pickups, we ask how different parts of the system should work to improve service delivery.

11 March 2024 Asivikelane comments on government’s proposed compulsory water & sanitation norms

Asivikelane submitted recommendations and comments on the government’s proposed 2024 water and sanitation norms and standards. We found that such standards can often be met without allocating significant additional funding. Better use of existing funds often does the trick! Read our full submission to find out more.

21 February 2024 Introducing Asivikelane’s service delivery Hubs

Asivikelane’s new service delivery Hubs are designed to find solutions to water, sanitation and solid waste problems in informal settlements. The Hubs bring together informal settlement residents, government officials and other stakeholders such as chapter 9 institutions, infrastructure donors, private sector, service providers, and friends in national or provincial government. Contact us if you would like to join one of our Hubs!

25 January 2024 Asivikelane publishes our 6 monthly impacts report

Asivikelane has now impacted over 5 million residents! Read our latest impacts report showing how Asivikelane has improved the lives of informal settlement residents over the past 6 months. And here you can also read comments from the residents themselves.

04 December 2023 Asivikelane Western Cape 2023

Thank you for supporting Asivikelane Western Cape in 2023! To all residents, Community Facilitators, partners, donors, staff members and government officials, as well as the Auditor-General’s office, we say a huge Thank You! With your support and commitment, we improved services in dozens of informal settlements across Knysna and Stellenbosch.

27 November 2023 Asivikelane Health 2023

As Asivikelane Health marks another year of positive impact, we thank everyone who contributed to the campaign in 2023. Thanks to your support, services have improved at clinics across the Eastern Cape.

20 November 2023 A huge thank you to everyone who made Asivikelane possible in 2023!

We thank residents, Community Facilitators, partners, government officials, as well as the Auditor General’s office for their unwavering commitment to improve basic services across the South Africa.

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We are happy to hear about the service delivery improvement in Rabie Ridge informal settlement in @CityofJoburgZA. There has been consistent draining of chemical toilets. Having clean and safe toilets is important for dignified sanitation. @Planact_NGO #Asivikelane

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#Asivikelane partner Luthando OVC Care Centre filled 100 childrens' tummies with fresh meals in eMahlabathini informal settlement in ward 53, Kariega in @NMandelaBaymuni. In collaboration with @GiftoftheGivers they also donated clothes to residents.

Over the last three months #Asivikelane residents made submissions on draft 2024 local government budgets in: @CityofCT, @CityofJoburgZA, @KnysnaMuni, @Mangaung_Metro, @eThekwiniM, @NMandelaBaymuni and @CityTshwane.

We were happy to see increases from the previous year's

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