Guidelines for capturing social audit data

05 December 2019

This guide is designed to help social audit volunteers capture on a computer all the social audit data that have been collected on the paper social audit questionnaires. This guide shows how to capture answers in a way that will make it easy to use a computer program to then analyse the data to provide accurate, clear, and representative findings that can be used to engage with the government.


Guidelines for developing a social audit questionnaire

27 August 2019

This guide provides guidelines to help you to develop a social audit questionnaire that will collect evidence or information that will be easy to capture and analyse, and will provide accurate and representative findings and recommendations that can be used to engage with government.

A Guide to Finding Information About Municipal Contracted Services in Your Community

01 November 2018

This guide is designed to help informal settlement communities find the documents that provide information about a service being delivered to their community. They can use this information to monitor if the service is being delivered according to the contract and to engage with the municipality to improve the delivery of the service.

Access to Information: Finding the Right Municipal Official

19 January 2017

A graphic presentation of how to find the officials responsible for a specific service.

Guide to Local Government Budget Advocacy South Africa

01 May 2017

This guide describes a step-by-step approach to reading and analyzing local government budgets with a focus on specific service delivery issues. It also includes information on how CSOs might use their analysis findings to advocate for better service delivery.

A Guide To Conducting Social Audits

01 November 2017

This guide is for community activists and organized civil society interested in conducting social audits in South Africa. It aims to help these groups think about, conduct, and reflect on social audits. The guide may also be of use to other stakeholders (such as government) that want to better understand a process they may be requested to participate in.