Asivikelane Health Releases

Asivikelane Health publishes a monthly release tracking basic health services in the Eastern Cape.

27 November 2023

Asivikelane Health 2023 Thanks to the unwavering commitment of Asivikelane Health supporters, including residents, fieldworkers, partners, staff, nurses, and government officials, the quality of care has improved at clinics across the Buffalo City, Nelson Mandela Bay and OR Tambo health districts.

22 November 2023

Asivikelane Health #22 Services at Buffalo City clinics have improved since Asivikelane Health launched in 2021. But many systemic challenges remain. Collaborative efforts could unlock solutions to these challenges.

18 September 2023

Asivikelane Health #21 We are encouraged to see progress in services at the 45 clinics that are part of Asivikelane Health. However, we want all clinics to improve. To achieve this,  the EC Department of Health needs to allocate more resources to clinics.

31 July 2023

Asivikelane Health #20 By fixing appointment systems, clinics can provide more efficient services. But clinics have capacity gaps, and they need the Eastern Cape Health Department to help.

12 June 2023

Asivikelane Health #19 The EC Health Department is now drafting its 2024/25 budget.  We asked 446 residents who regularly use clinics what they think this budget should prioritise for Primary Health Care services.

24 April 2023

Asivikelane Health #18 70% of Asivikelane Health participants are parents or guardians. 92% of residents believe that vaccines boost children’s immune systems.  With the risk of measles outbreak high, clinics can protect children by making vaccines more accessible.

13 March 2023

Asivikelane Health #17 Two-thirds of women arrive at clinics before the doors open. They feel unsafe waiting outside, especially in areas with high crime rates. Asivikelane Health #17 advises clinics on actions they can take to help protect women.

02 February 2023

Asivikelane Health #16 We call on the Eastern Cape province to protect clinics in the health budget 2023/24.

28 November 2022

Asivikelane Health #15 Our final release for 2022 highlights the impacts and growth achieved this year. Thank you to all who support this work!

20 October 2022

Asivikelane Health #14 Asivikelane Health data is a key input at clinic committee meetings. Residents are using it discuss gaps in services. Their advocacy is resulting in change.

15 September 2022

Asivikelane Health #13  Most clinics are improving but not all of them perform equally well. This month we look at what poor performing clinics can learn from good performers.

11 August 2022

Asivikelane Health #12  Over the last year we’ve seen tangible improvements at clinics. This month we look at what clinics can do to sustain this progress.

07 July 2022

Asivikelane Health #11  This month we focus on what clinics can do to improve youth and adolescent services. This is particularly important during ‘initiation season’.

09 June 2022

Asivikelane Health #10  Asivikelane Health now covers 45 clinics! This month we shine a light on Tuberculosis prevention and treatment, which remains critical even as we tackle COVID-19.

13 April 2022

Asivikelane Health #9  Asivikelane Health participants are making change happen at 25 clinics in Buffalo City and OR Tambo Health Districts. Building on this success we expand to Nelson Mandela Bay next month, eyeing national coverage in future.

09 March 2022

Asivikelane Health #8  Clinics have green lights for the basic functions. They should now focus on specialised services like ‘Happy Hour’ for young people to access much needed sexual and reproductive health care.

09 February 2022

Asivikelane Health #7  The 4th wave is not over in the Eastern Cape. Our first release of 2022 spotlights implementable measures that government can take to increase vaccination rates in the province.

09 December 2021

Asivikelane Health #6 Clinics are innovating to cope with the impact of COVID-19. But they call on national and provincial government for sustainable solutions to resource constraints.

17 November 2021

Asivikelane Health #5 This month we report improvements in service delivery at clinics, which has led to a significant reduction in waiting times. Clinic managers say that engaging residents through Asivikelane Health has motivated them to do better.

13 October 2021

Asivikelane Health #4 Asivikelane Health has expanded to include 15 more clinics in Buffalo City and OR Tambo District. Many of the new clinics are highly inefficient. Long waiting times impacts residents’ well-being. We identify steps that clinics can take to address this.

06 September 2021

Despite improvements, COVID-19 continues to hamper clinic services. The third Asivikelane Health release shows an overall improvement in waiting times. However, some clinics struggle to provide adequate services due to the pressure of COVID-19.


03 August 2021

80 patients to one nurse: residents carry cost of inefficiencies at Buffalo City clinics. The second Asivikelane Health release highlights the burden of capacity shortages at clinics. 29% of residents spent more than 3 hours at the clinic at their last visit and half the clinics did not open on time. 


13 July 2021

Asivikelane Health release 1 The inaugural Asivikelane Health release highlights the impact of community advocacy across 10 Buffalo City clinics where access to services and medicine has improved. Long wait times at clinics however remains a problem. In months to come we plan to expand this pilot and test the model in other clinics in the Eastern Cape.