Asivikelane Health


Week of September 06, 2021

Despite improvements, COVID-19 continues to hamper clinic services. The third Asivikelane Health release shows an overall improvement in waiting times. However, some clinics struggle to provide adequate services due to the pressure of COVID-19.


Week of August 03, 2021

80 patients to one nurse: residents carry cost of inefficiencies at Buffalo City clinics. The second Asivikelane Health release highlights the burden of capacity shortages at clinics. 29% of residents spent more than 3 hours at the clinic at their last visit and half the clinics did not open on time. 


Week of July 13, 2021

Asivikelane Health release 1 The inaugural Asivikelane Health release highlights the impact of community advocacy across 10 Buffalo City clinics where access to services and medicine has improved. Long wait times at clinics however remains a problem. In months to come we plan to expand this pilot and test the model in other clinics in the Eastern Cape.